Will you marry me again ? | 2017

This project is created for "VOVEO" : Promise objects for everyday use curated by Kevin Murray



In Thailand, a traditional marriage start from a respectful person from a man side having
a formal proposed conversation to a bride family. The dowry will be proposed and presented as a commitment or a promise of the liable marriage between a man and a woman's families.

Nowadays, the Thai social has been changed according to several factors of globalization. It brings Thai social into a modern life, which everything is convenience and moved faster. Resulting in
a change in people's beliefs and also effects to the idea of marriage life. As a survey of Misnistry of Interior, divorce tatistics are rising steadily and tend to be more increased in the future.

When we look back to the older generations, we found that they are more patient with thier life. They attempted to find thier own way to live with it and get through by fixing and repairing such as if when thier chair was broken, they would repair it and use it again and agian. in the other hands, people these days just throw it away and but a new one instead. That might be our main idea that can be used as a tool to find a connection of Thai marriage life.

In this project, we are interested in finding new ways of repairing and reconnecting a relationship
by using Thai elements of fixing things from unworkable to workable. We would like to communicate our idea of fixing things in Thailand with the idea of reparing a couple relationship to reflect images of Thai society through a new form and new structure of “Thai Dowry”.